Lead Like the Sun


A captivating, inspiring book written by our Founder/President, Michelle Cochran.

Also available on smile.amazon.com (select SOAR Café & Farms as your supported charity!) as hardcover, paperback & Kindle e-book.



For Women Called To The Warrior Faction In Jesus This is your time to shine! This book is a coaching guide to help you get free, strong, and effective in your personal story, to lead as light. For you are called to lead and engage in the good fight of faith now more than ever before. What a glorious, radiant, love-filled answer that God would use the hearts, grace, and wisdom of everyday women to nurture and lead a dark and hurting world, therefore:

-No more hiding or waiting for permission.

-No more proving or perfection.

-No more leadership stereo-types.

Just you. Everyday, smart, sassy, messy, glorious you. Shining in your radiant love for God, in faith and full expression, however He is uniquely authoring it through you. This is how we lead, fight, and win, the good fight of faith. Your childlike belief, your strong blazing heart, and willingness to lead in Him, is how God can change everything.

Rise, Radiate, & Reign right where you are. In the confident freedom of Jesus, like a girl on fire for a world He came to save. It’s no coincidence you are looking at this book, it is your time to Lead Like The Sun.


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