Find Your Way Home


Find Your Way Home is the book used in our SOAR Community to facilitate healing discussion. Written by the Women of Magdelene, the Residential Program of Thistle Farms.

Buy One, Give One. Each book purchase will provide a book to a SOAR Sister being mentored at Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Jackson County Jail, or in our Community Group.



I remember the first day I came home. There were four beautiful women walking out onto the porch to say hello. This was the home I’d almost forgotten about. Thank you, God, for leading me home.

Have you ever felt lost?
Do you long for a group of friends?
Will you ever find your way home?

In this remarkable book, the women of Magdalene ask questions that all of us ask, and they share their own joyous, painful, uplifting answers. Inspired by the classic Benedictine Rule, the women have written down 24 rules they live by in the Magdalene community, a place of healing and grace.


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