The Get To Gathering

SOAR University is the newly established arm of SOAR Café and Farms whose mission is to help women across the community grow. It was established to address the growth of every aspect of a woman’s life – physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual.
On Saturday, October 5, 2019, 75 women attended SOAR University’s first official event, the Get to Gathering, at the Country Club of Jackson. What a life-changing, inspiring day it was!  Our speakers, Christina Martoia, Jeni Coxon, Simone Searcy, Heidi McLane, and Michelle Cochran addressed five of the many privileges we are promised because we belong to our Heavenly Father.  We get to thrive, undergo transformation, bask in freedom, experience restoration, and depend on our Father’s unconditional love. Hearts were touched, minds were challenged, and spirits were refreshed as the speakers shared many examples of God’s presence and work in their own lives.
The Get to Gathering also provided an opportunity to meet new friends, build community, worship together, express creativity, enjoy beautiful fall decorations and consume delicious food. There were many laughs and tears as women bonded with other women in solidarity. Michelle Cochran shared the mission, vision. upcoming events, and present needs of SOAR at the conclusion of the conference. It was a day full of challenge, change, and camaraderie. Many thanks to those who worked so hard to organize and carry out this special event. It was a joyous inauguration for SOAR University, and we look forward to what the future holds!

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