Life with God is an adventure! We never know what we may encounter on the trip. Will the path be one of opportunity? of surprise? of difficulty? of heartache? Only He knows the roadmap our lives will take with its many twists and turns, but He promises to ALWAYS walk beside us when things don’t make sense, when we are afraid, when we feel weak, when we lack motivation, and of course, when the path leads to sheer joy. All He requires is that we trust him to navigate, listen when He speaks, and cooperate with Him on the journey.

Many of you know that several years ago, SOAR Founder Michelle Cochran sensed God telling her to pursue a relationship with a young lady who had just been sent to jail and later landed in prison. That was not an adventure that Michelle would have chosen on her own, and she had no idea what the result would be when she heeded God’s direction. Nevertheless, she listened and trusted Him to navigate. She embarked on an adventure that eventually led to SOAR as we know it today.

Recently, the young lady that God asked Michelle to pursue was released from prison, and she is now the first person in SOAR’s Residential Program. Another young woman is expected to join her in May. They are the first two of what we anticipate will be many young women who will have the opportunity to experience healing, love, and grace at the SOAR House. God has provided a temporary home for SOAR to rent as a haven for these ladies while the SOAR House on Brown Street is undergoing renovation. We are rejoicing as we watch this part of SOAR’s adventure continue to unfold. 

SOAR’s volunteer mentors at the jail, prison, and weekly community group continue to see new women coming who are seeking healing, friendship, and restoration, as well as observing growth in many of the women who have been participating for some time. There is always room for more SOAR volunteers, and we regularly provide training sessions for those who want to serve as mentors. Visit our Volunteer page for more details.

There are several ways that you can support SOAR in the work that God has called us to do. First, you can pray.

  • Pray for the women who have been trafficked, imprisoned, and addicted who need the love and acceptance that SOAR has to offer.
  • Pray for SOAR volunteers and leaders who are working diligently.
  • Pray for the operating funds needed to advance SOAR’s ministries and the renovation of the SOAR House.
  • Pray for the future of SOAR as it continues to grow and expand.

Secondly, you can support SOAR financially. One-time donations or monthly contributions can be made through the Donation Page or through the SOAR Café and Farms Facebook page. You might want to join us for one of the fundraising events that benefit SOAR throughout the year such as the upcoming Glammy Awards 2020, Saturday evening, February 22nd at Forty Nine South (This event just sold out, but a waiting list is forming, message the Glammy Awards facebook page for details). Back by popular demand will be Handbags of Love: Luncheon and Auction taking place on May 9, 2020 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. There will also be an opportunity to support special renovation projects and furnishings for the SOAR House. Stay tuned for an upcoming list of those needs!

Lastly, you can help spread the word about the important work SOAR is doing by inviting a SOAR representative to share with your church group, your group of friends, or your organization. Please feel free to share what you know about SOAR with everyone you meet. Help us spread the word to women across Jackson County and beyond about the healing that many are experiencing through SOAR.

What can you do to be a part of the adventure that God is leading us on to help heal the world!?

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